Save the Date: Our Annual Flower and Plant Sale is June 15, 2019

Seal Rock Garden Club

10377 NW Rand St. 

Seal Rock, OR 97367

About Us


History of the Club

Founded in 1948, Seal Rock Garden Club is a 70 year plus community non-profit organization formed for coastal gardeners to share their knowledge of plants and to provide a social setting for individuals interested in gardening,  conservation and support of community gardening projects.  A housing barracks for conscientious objectors during World War II, the clubhouse originally located at Camp Angell, Waldport was purchased at auction for $306 and was moved to its' present site in Seal Rock in the 70's. 



Monthly meetings are held from September to June with presentations on gardening topics relevant to coastal gardening.  We meet when the weather starts to turn cool and rainy, allowing us maximum time in the garden during the warmer, drier summer growing months.  Field trips to private and public gardens are available to members as well as visitors throughout the course of our "club season". Experts from Oregon State University, private enterprise, University of Oregon and others in their field of expertise present informative lectures and demonstrations on horticulture, flower arrangement and master gardening.  Presentations begin at 11:00 a.m. followed by a business meeting and a light lunch.  Our meetings are free and open to the public.  The club is a non-profit organization, 501 (c) (4). 


Special Events

Each year members are involved in two major fund raising events, the Greens Sale in December and the Flower and Plant Show in June. 


Our annual Christmas Greens and Gift Sale takes place in early December.  Locally grown greens are crafted and designed  into wreaths, swags, and table arrangements made by members.  Holiday gifts, small live decorated trees and a raffle of gift items are available for purchase.  Funds from the Greens Sale are used for maintaining the clubhouse and grounds. 

The Flower and Plant Sale on June 15 is an end of the year event with the clubhouse decorated with spring flowers and the surrounding yard full of sale plants suitable for coastal gardens.  Mark your calendars for our Plant Sale.  The sale is from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Gardeners start lining up early to buy plants.  Sales are brisk.  A portion of the funds raised go to nonprofit organizations that support gardening, education, conservation and local civic gardening projects.

Thought for The Month

"Your mind is a garden.  Your thoughts are seeds.  You can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds. "  Dr. Seuss*

*compiled by Lyssa Watkins, SRGC Member 




      From Betty Bahn: 

  • Now is the time to divide primroses, especially doubles, which can only be propagated by division as they don't set seed.  Lift the doubles, separate and re-pot to get them ready for next  year when they are in bloom and can be sold at our early spring garden club meetings. 

  • Spring is the time to candle or prune pines while their new growth is tender and bright green.  Called candling, this process of pinching back new growth or buds to one half or more above the base of the bud, controls and shapes the appearance and overall growth of the trees and is specifically needed for grooming dwarf pines.  Pines do not like to have their branches pruned.  New growth does not sprout or form from pruned mature branches.  Incorrect hard pruning may result in the sap bleeding for a long time and bare or very interesting tree shapes, depending on your point of view.  

  •  Slugs are making their appearance.  It's time to apply slug bait especially around your hostas and dahlias.  Use bait formulated with iron phosphate as the main ingredient.  I recommend "Sluggo" and "Worry Free", which are not toxic to animals.  Do not use "Corry's" and "Deadline"   which has metaldehyde and is attractive but deadly to birds and domestic pets.  

  • Question:  Should I divide my columbines?  Answer:  Yes,  you can divide the main plant, but not the seedlings.  Wait until the seedlings bloom and if the color is acceptable to you, then divide.  Columbines are promiscuous.   They spread their seed around, but mainly they readily crossbreed with any other columbine in the area, which results in a muddy purple color.   Keep plants that you like away from each other by planting them at a distance from each other. 

  • Question:  Is free compost from a collection facility a good thing to have?  Answer:  This is a question for Sally who knows more about compost that I do.  However, just be aware of the source of the compost.  Ask:  what makes up the compost?; where was the matter composted?;  was all of the composted material disease free?;  was the matter composted at a high temperature to kill plant diseases?

by Betty Bahn and Sally Noack

April marks the introductory column of Betty and Sally's column, a garden-wise contribution culled from their many years of coastal gardening experience, research and education.  Their presentations at our monthly meetings guide members on practical, timely how-to measures on what to do in the garden, information on garden events, and in-depth answers to questions and whatever and anything anyone wants to talk about.  "Growin' Coastal" aims to continue to offer their guidance here in written form.  Sally's contribution to " Growin' Coastal" will appear in May as she was on vacation at the time of our April meeting.  

Event of the Month

June 15, 2019

Seal Rock Garden Club Plant Sale and Flower Show

9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Seal Rock Garden Clubhouse

+ Event Details

June 15, 2019

Seal Rock Garden Club Plant Sale and Flower Show

Our Members prepare many months in advance to present our annual plant sale of locally grown plants to coastal gardeners.  At this year's sale, gardeners can choose from a wide array of shrubs, trees, flowers, native plants, herbs, grasses, several types of irises, summer bulbs and houseplants.  All plants are very reasonably priced and there are treasures for every taste and budget.  Our much anticipated raffle always attracts a loyal following of hopeful ticket holders. Offerings this year include a generously sized hand crafted cedar garden bench made by talented Members' spouses.  Other garden themed raffle items include watercolor and oil paintings, art glass garden ornaments,  a bouquet of hand crafted copper flowers, garden sculpture as well as sales of hypertufa leaves and garden pots, and much, much more.  The Flower Show inside the Clubhouse features arrangements created from flower and plant material from Members' gardens.  Many of these same plants and flowers are available for sale in the outdoor garden area.  COME EARLY!  SALES ARE BRISK!  

A portion of funds raised go toward  community non-profit organizations that support gardening, education, conservation and local civic gardening projects.  Funds from our 2018 Plant Show helped to support the JOY Garden at Seashore Family Literacy in Waldport, OR. 

Plant Sale flyers in pdf. format for distribution to friends, family and businesses can be accessed by clicking on 'Downloads' on the Navigation Bar of the Home Page.  Many thanks for helping to publicize our sale.  

9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Seal Rock Garden Clubhouse

Coming Events at the Clubhouse


May 22, 2019, "Field Trip to Gathering Together Farms", Grange Hall Rd., Philomath, OR

Gathering Together Farm is an enterprise in certified organic vegetable and fruit production that began in 1987 with their home base just south of Philomath, OR on Grange Hall Road.  Their more than 50 acres of fields are small odd shaped parcels. Gathering Together is owned by John Eveland and Sally Brewer, husband and wife.  In the heat of the summer, there are over 120 employees working to nurture and harvest high-quality food, prepare it for customers, and sell it at market to individuals, at farmers' markets, to local restaurants and wholesale.  

The trip is for members and a limited number of spaces are set aside for visitors.   Click on  "General Info: Gathering Together Farms" at bottom of page for additional information.  

June 15, 2019. "Flower Show and Plant Sale",  at Seal Garden Clubhouse, 9  to 2 p.m., 10377 NW Rand St.

Mark your calendars for this sale.  Local gardeners and bargain hunters line up early to buy plants.  Sales are brisk and everyone goes home with bargains. 

The photo at top left depicts a wall sized quilted mural on display at the clubhouse made by Lois Pleger, a member.  The photo does not fully capture the beautiful design and craftsmanship of the quilt.   

General Info: Gathering Together Farms


Our members take turns each month in generously providing delicious  luncheons and sharing their favorite recipes with us.   There are many recipes to test and enjoy here, but unfortunately we have room for only a few.   Each month we will feature one or two dishes that are sure to become your favorites.  

May Luncheon Committee:  Sue Chittenden, Liz Dillon, Virginia Morrison, Sylvia Pauley, Susan Thompson

Meyer Lemon Pound Cake 

(adapted by Susan Thompson)

The scrumptious cake recipe that everyone craved to have  was according to Susan, "simply a Krusteaz Meyer Lemon Pound Cake that I added a little freshly squeezed lemon juice to.  So easy." 

Clubhouse Bulletin Board

"Clubhouse Bulletin Board"  posts information  in a downloadable format on classes and 

activities of interest to gardeners in our community . 





Saturday May 25, 10am to 5:30 pm

Sunday May 26, 10 am to 3:30 pm


541 SW Coast Hwy, Hwy 101

Newport, OR 97365

Dealers      Door Prizes

Displays     Silent Auction

Admission - Adults $2.00, Children 12 and under Free

Oregon Coast Agate Club

Meetings and Educational Programs

2nd Thursday of the month at the OSU Extension Service, 7:00 pm

Guests Always Welcome

More info at or Facebook.Oregon Coast Agate Club

A 501 C non Profit

FREE ADMISSION for all active individuals in uniform with ID:  Military, Police (volunteers) youth scouts. 


2019.Newport(3) (pdf) file is "Seed to Supper" which introduces a beginner's guide to low-cost vegetable gardening in a free six week course for adults living on a low-income.  It is taught by Master Gardeners, topics include:  garden site and soil development, container gardening, planning and planting your garden, garden maintenance, and harvesting.  The course is hosted by Oregon Food Bank, Oregon State University (OSU) Extension Master Gardeners and the OSU Extension Service, Lincoln County. 

  Classes are held at the First Presbyterian Church, Newport, Tuesday from 5:30 - 7:30 pm from April 23 to May 28.  To register, please visit or call 541-574-6534.  Click below on the file name to print the flyer.